Supermarket Story - Doug and Carrie go Thanksgiving Dinner shopping
Doug and Carrie go shopping to make a homemade Thanksgiving dinner in "Supermarket Story" in Season 1.
King of Queens Episode
"Supermarket Story"
Season 1, Episode # 10
Episode # 10 in series
Originally Aired: November 23, 1998
Aired on: CBS-TV
Production #: 110
IMDB: Supermarket Story
Written by: Cathy Yuspa
Josh Goldsmith
Directed by: Rob Schiller
Guest stars: Dana Gould
Donny Osmond
Patricia Place
Cristine Rose
Parry Shen
Episode chronology
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"Road Rayge"
"Noel Cowards"

Supermarket Story is the 10th episode of Season 1 of The King of Queens, also the tenth overall series episode. Co-written by Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith, the episode, which was directed by Rob Schiller, originally aired on CBS-TV on November 23, 1998.


A trip to the supermarket sees Carrie guilted into agreeing to make a homemade Thanksgiving and Doug running into an old friend he can't remember. Donny Osmond guest stars as himself.

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Doug, Carrie, and Arthur head to the supermarket on the day before Thanksgiving. Carrie is challenged by making a whole Thanksgiving dinner from scratch by Arthur's demands. Doug meets a guy that he does not know, but the guy knows everything about him. Soon, all of them find the true meaning of Thanksgiving.


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  1. "The Guy" puts his checkbook away when Doug refuses to take money, but it is suddenly back in his hand when Doug agrees to take it.
  2. When Carrie and Helen argue about the shopping cart, a dark-haired woman in a blue-and-black sweater watches. It then cuts over to Arthur, and this woman is seen passing behind him, carrying a shopping basket. When it cuts back to Carrie and Helen the woman is standing there again as if she'd never moved, and is not holding a basket.
  3. When Carrie puts the 3 TV dinners in the shopping cart, as the shots change back and forth, so does the arrangement of the TV dinners.
  4. When Carrie and Arthur throw a turkey into the shopping cart, it is empty. Just prior, she had put two quarts of milk in the cart. The milk disappeared.
  5. When Carrie picks up the little turkey, she places one hand on the bottom of it. In a later shot, she is suddenly only holding it by the top.
Errors in geography

In the supermarket, Doug is seen carrying a six-pack of Cheerwine. Cheerwine is not available for distribution in New York.