Stu Heffernan


Stuart Heffernan


Long Island, New York, U.S.

Present job/occupation

Retired former executive




Doug Heffernan (nephew)
Carrie Heffernan (niece in-law)
Stephanie Heffernan (niece)
Danny Heffernan (son)
Joe Heffernan (brother)
Janet Heffernan (sister in-law)

Played by

Gavin MacLeod

Seasons/Episode appearances

2 rom Seasons 3 & 4, 2001-02

Stu Hefferman is Danny Heffernan's well-meaning, but sometimes meddling father, who first appeared in the episode "S'no Job" (Season 3, Episode 23, 2001). In "Hero Worship" (Season 4, Episode #18, 2002), Stu was willing to lend nephew Doug money to open up his own sandwich shop, much to the chagrin of Danny, which caused sparks to fly between Doug and Danny. When Danny's pizza shop had burned down, he was the one who urged Danny to apply for a job at IPS, Doug's place of employment, much to the chagrin of Doug, who tries to pursuade his boss not to hire Danny. In both episodes, Stu Heffernan is played by veteran TV actor Gavin McLeod, famous for his roles as both Murray on CBS-TV's The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Captain Merrill Stubing on ABC-TV's The Love Boat.

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