Spence Olchin
Patton Oswalt as Spence


Spencer Olchin


February 14th


Subway Token Dispenser

Played by

Patton Oswalt

Episodes appeared in

154 in series, Seasons 1-9

Spencer "Spence" Olchin was Doug's friend in high school, and Danny's roomate. Spence originally worked in a toll booth in the subway, and originally lived with his mother, Veronica, for 39 years, Over the course of the series, he moves out, and finally grows up. He has multiple allergies--most notably peanuts, and has many problems.

By the end of the series, he is not married, and still lives with Danny.

In the series finale, China Syndrome, He briefly become's Carrie's stepbrother when his mother marries Arthur. However, they are only married for a year, as Arthur is seen announcing to Doug and Carrie that the marriage didn't work out.

Spence is portrayed by Patton Oswalt.


Spence is kind, caring, and responsible, often acting as the voice of reason within his group of friends.  He babysits for the Palmers and is well-liked by Kirby and Major Palmer.  Spencer is close friends with Doug, Carrie, Danny, and Deacon.  He is also quite friendly with Kelly Palmer and Arthur Spooner.

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