Sophia Spooner
Nadia Dajani as Sophia Spooner
A pregnant Sophia is about to give birth to Carrie in the episode "Maybe, Baby" at the end of Season 1.
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Born: 1938, in New York, NY, U.S.
Died 1985, in Queens, NY, U.S.
Not mentioned
is shown about to give birth to Carrie, with Arthur with her in the hospital delivery room; her death possibly had a traumatic effect on her daughter
Family and Personal
Spouse(s): Arthur Spooner, 1965 (?)-1985, her death
Character information
Appeared on: The King of Queens
Episodes appeared in: "Maybe, Baby" in Season 1
Character played by: Nadia Dajani

Sophia Spooner Appears in the Season 1 episode of The King of Queens titled "Maybe Baby", and Was Played by Nadia Dajani.

About SophiaEdit

Sophia was Carrie's mother, and Arthur's first wife. She is written in the series storyline as having died when Carrie was a teenager. Sophia's death, having lost the motherly support and guidance she needed, was described as having a traumatic effect on Carrie, which had an impact on her getting into a few bad relationships and dating a little promiscuously before she met Doug, which led her to change her formerly fast ways..In 1985, Sophia died, leaving Arthur a widower and the single parent of fifteen year old Carrie. With Arthur unable to stay employed steadily, Carrie was forced to work in addition to attending high school.