King of Queens: Season 3
Season 3 box cover
First episode aired:
"Do Rico", aired October 2, 2000
Season finale aired:
"Pregnant Pause (Part 2)", on May 28, 2001
Episodes aired:
25 aired during Season 6
Previous Season:
Season 2
Next Season:
Season 4

This is the complete episode listing for the third season of The King of Queens. The first episode, Do Rico, premiered on October 20, 2000. The season finale was the second of a two episode story, Pregnant Pause, which aired on May 28, 2001.

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Season 3 (2000–2001)Edit

Season 3
Image Title Original airdate Written by Directed by Episode # Episode Total # Prod. code
Coming Soon "Do Rico" October 2, 2000 Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller 1 51 301
Doug's imitation of his new Hispanic co-worker, Rico. He later becomes jealous of Rico when he realizes that Carrie seems more responsive to him when he imitates Rico. Meanwhile. Arthur tries to chronicle his own life story. Leah Remini's real-life husband, Angelo Pagan, guest stars as Rico.
Coming Soon "Roast Chicken" October 9, 2000 Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller 2 52 302
Carrie has Doug sign a congratulatory card for his boss' twenty years at the company. When he opens the card he is grateful for it, and decides he wants Doug to participate in the banquet roast and Doug blames Carrie for this fiasco. He does rise to the occasion, however, and even manages to get some good laughs out of the audience. That is, until he starts to tell some jokes that hit a little too close to home. 
Coming Soon "Fatty McButterpants" October 16, 2000 Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller 3 53 303
Doug is offended that Carrie wants him to lose weight, so he vows to lose thirty pounds. In the process, Doug gives Carrie a remark that she wears too much make up to settle the score. 
Coming Soon "Class Struggle" October 23, 2000 David Litt & Ilana Wernick Jeff Melman 4 54 304
Carrie decides to return to college, with very little time to get things done. 
Coming Soon "Strike One" October 30, 2000 David Litt Rob Schiller 5 55 305
Doug's car breaks down, so he goes out and buys a new truck, just as his union goes on strike against IPS. 
Coming Soon "Strike Two" November 6, 2000 Leonard R.Garner, Jr. David Bickel 6 56 308
It's the second week of the IPS strike, so Doug gets a job as a substitute teacher.
Coming Soon "Strike Out" November 13, 2000 Leonard R.Garner, Jr. Nick Bakay 7 57 307
The IPS strike has dragged on into its third week, and both Doug and Deacon are spending the majority of their days doing very little outside of sleeping all day. Carrie and Kelly decide to make a play date with Doug, Deacon and Arthur, but the plan backfires when they turn into a trio of merry pranksters. 
Coming Soon "Dark Meet" November 20, 2000 Rock Reuben Rob Schiller 8 58 308
After a great Thanksgiving, Doug and Carrie try to recall their first Thanksgiving together and who said, "I Love You" first. They consult Arthur, who quickly recalls some other Thanksgivings and finally recalls 1993 when he was having a fight with his new wife, Lily (Florence Henderson), as Doug was coming over to meet the family.
Coming Soon "Twisted Sitters" November 27, 2000 Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller 9 59 309
Doug and Carrie watch Deacon and Kelly's kids while they are out of town. When one of the kids sees them making love in the Palmers' bedroom, they must keep him from telling his parents. 
Coming Soon "Work Related" December 4, 2000 David Bickel Rob Schiller 10 60 310
Arthur begins to work at Carrie's law firm. Doug and Deacon compete for the best practical joke. 
Coming Soon "Better Camera" December 11, 2000 Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller 11 61 311
Doug and Deacon go shopping together for their wives' Christmas presents. They each buy cameras, however Deacon chooses one that is less expensive than the one Doug got because Kelly, Deacon's wife, often loses her cameras. When Carrie correctly guesses what Doug got for her, she convinces him to give her the camera early so that she can take photos at her office's Christmas party. Unfortunately, one of the new partners at Carrie's law firm gives everyone nicer cameras for Christmas. Meanwhile, Arthur sees an opportunity to have his script made into a movie when Lou Ferrigno moves next door.
Coming Soon "Wedding Presence" January 8, 2001 Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Rob Schiller 12 62 312
Instead of driving out of state for their friends' wedding, Carrie and Doug decide to stay home and later tell the couple that they were there, but did not see them. They soon began to feel guilty and go to the wedding anyway, arriving just as the couple are leaving. Meanwhile, Arthur gets Spencer to participate in his scheme to get half-off shoes. 
Coming Soon "Hi-Def Jam" January 29, 2001 David Bickel & Ilana Wernick Rob Schiller 13 63 313
In order to watch the upcoming Super Bowl on a high-definition television, Doug hatches a plan to have his sister Stephanie Ricki Lake) date Carrie's wealthy boss (Alex Skuby). </span>
Coming Soon "Paint Misbehavin" February 5, 2001 Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller 14 64 314
After Carrie tells Doug that it's okay for him to find other women attractive, he asks her to tell him which men she finds attractive. Among others, she says she finds Deacon good looking, which causes Doug to become jealous. Doug complains about it to Deacon, who brags about it to his wife, Kelly. Deacon's paintball birthday party turns into a jealous war. 
Coming Soon "Deacon Blues" February 12, 2001 David Litt & Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller 15 65 315
Doug is surprised to find his married best friend, Deacon, out with another woman. Meanwhile, Carrie questions her relationship with Doug because of their different views on cheating. 
Coming Soon "Horizontal Hold" February 19, 2001 David Bickel & Ilana Wernick</span> Rob Schiller 16 66 316
After Deacon and Kelly's separation, Carrie begins to wonder about her own marriage. She and Doug agree to put their sex lives on hold for a few weeks because Carrie feels that they should resolve arguments verbally, not always physically. Meanwhile, Arthur dates a woman who claims she was once Frank Sinatra's girlfriend. 
Coming Soon "Inner Tube" February 26, 2001 Kevin James & Rock Reuben Rob Schiller 17 67 317
When Doug lies to Carrie so he can play mud football, he gets sick and starts feeling guilty. He then has dreams about it based on television shows such as Wheel of Fortune, The Young & The Restless and the 1971 ABC-TV film Brian's Song
Coming Soon "Papa Pill" March 19, 2001 Kevin James & Rock Reuben Rob Schiller 18 68 318
When Doug volunteers to be Arthur's caretaker, he finds it a much more demanding task then he had anticipated.<
Coming Soon "Package Deal" April 9, 2001 Mark C. Sedeka  Rob Schiller 19 69 319
Doug considers getting a new job at FedEx after Mitch (Craig Anton)., a FedEx supervisor (who previously worked at IPS) made it sound like a better career choice. Meanwhile, Carrie gets addicted to tanning cream after helping her neighbor, Lou Ferrigno, introduces her to it.
Coming Soon "Separation Anxiety" April 16, 2001 Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith Andrew Susskind 20 70 320
During the Palmer's separation, Doug and Carrie go to the movies with Kelly while Deacon takes the kids. While there, Carrie runs into Bill (Joseph C. Phillips) a co-worker who seems interested in Kelly. The two end up going on a date, and when Deacon finds out he is ready to patch things up with her.
Coming Soon "Departure Time" April 30, 2001 Nick Bakay Rob Schiller 21 71 325
Doug, Carrie and Arthur head out to the airport to visit with Doug's parents (Jenny O'Hara and Dakin Matthews) while they have a short layover at Kennedy Airport on their way to Montreal. While there, his parents ask him to sign their living will, making him the one responsible for pulling the plug. When his sister Stephanie gets wind of this, she is offended that she wasn't the one asked to be responsible. 
Coming Soon "Swim Neighbors" May 7, 2001 David Bickel & Ilana Wernick

[[Henry Chan][

22 72 321
A hurricane destroys the backyards of the Heffernans and the Sackskys (Bryan Cranston and Dee Dee Rescher). When Carrie becomes cool with their idea of a combined backyard, they retaliate by installing ground pool.
Coming Soon "S'no Job" May 14, 2001 Rock Reuben & Tony Sheehan Rob Schiller 23 73 322
Doug's Uncle Stu (Gavin McLeod) asks him to get his son, Danny, a job at IPS. Doug does not want Danny there, but he does not want to look bad to the family, so he instructs his boss, Mr. O'Boyle (Sam McMurray) to interview him but to not hire him. Meanwhile, Arthur fills out audience comment cards on a new movie.
Coming Soon "Pregnant Pause (Part 1)" May 21, 2001 Michael J. Weithorn & David Litt Rob Schiller 24 74 323
Carrie discovers that she's pregnant, and she's panicked that the timing is wrong. Meanwhile, Deacon and Kelly begin to reconcile, Spence is left out in the cold, and Arthur insists that Doug build him his own bathroom in the basement.
Coming Soon "Pregnant Pause (Part 2)" May 28, 2001 Michael J. Weithorn & David Litt Rob Schiller 25 75 324
Doug gets a night job working as limo driver and tells Arthur that because the contractor they were using is now too expensive with Carrie being pregnant, he would finish the downstairs bathroom himself. However, the responsibility of working so much combined with Arthur bothering him to do the bathroom proves too much, and Doug finally collapses at one of Carrie's appointments. In the end, she loses the baby.