Road Rayge
As Ray takes buddy Doug to a Jets football game, Ray's brother Robert, who happens to be an off duty cop, discovers that Doug, who's driving them, has a suspended license, which causes his liscene to be suspended for an extra week after he makes him pull over and gives him a ticket in "Road Rayge" in Season 1.
King of Queens Episode
"Road Rayge"
Season 1, Episode #
Episode # 9 in series
Originally Aired: November 16, 1998
Aired on: CBS-TV
Production #: 108
IMDB: Road Rayge
Written by: David Litt
Tony Sheehan
Directed by: Rob Schiller
Guest stars: Ray Romano
Jerry Stiller
Yvette Cason
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"Educating Doug"
"Supermarket Story"

Road Rayge is episode 9 of Season 1 of The King of Queens, also the ninth overall series episode. Co-written by David Litt and Tony Sheehan, the episode, which was directed by Rob Schiller, originally aired on CBS-TV on November 16, 1998.


Plot summaryEdit

When Doug lets sportswriter Ray Barone cheat off of him to pass his DMV test. Doing this, Doug gets caught, and has his licence suspended. Feeling guilty, Ray takes Doug to a New York Jets game with his brother, Robert Barone. Ray lets Doug drive home, and when Doug mentions not having a liscense, Robert, who happens to be an off-duty cop, makes Doug pull over and then gives him a ticket for not having a license, causing Doug's suspension to be made longer. After his liscence suspension is over, Doug aces his DMV test, and just as he is about to leave, Ray's dad, Frank Barone crashes into him. Meanwhile, Arthur's neediness hinder's Carrie's studying.



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