Episode 2x12 - Doug and Carrie discuss stock investing
Doug and Carrie seriously discuss investing in stocks in "Net Prophets" in Season 2.
King of Queens Episode
"Net Prophets"
Season 2, Episode # 12
Episode # 37 in series
Originally Aired: December 13, 1999
Aired on: CBS-TV
Production #: 212
IMDB: Net Prophets
Written by: David Litt
Directed by: Rob Schiller
Guest stars: Jim Swift
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Four Play is the 12th episode of Season 8 of The King of Queens, also the 37th overall series episode. Written by David Litt, the episode, which was directed by Rob Schiller, originally aired on CBS-TV on December 13, 1999.


During Christmas time, Doug receives his Christmas bonus and Carrie eventually talks Doug into investing it in to net stocks.


The Christmas season is upon Doug and Carrie, as, after Doug receives a big $3000 Christmas bonus at work, they decide they should invest in stock, as Carrie mentions a lawyer at her job named Harry Sternin who invested in some stock called, and he had tripled his money in the last four days. When Doug shows apprehension in doing so, Carrie responds '"Who cares? The point is, the stock was at $2 on Monday, and now it's at 6!"

After they decide to take the plunge and invest the money, the next day, when Carrie is looking in the business section of the newspaper, they find that the stock has doubled; everything looks great, but soon the stock goes down again, and Doug starts feeling bad again, but Carrie tries to encourage him to keep the stock, and that its value will soon rise again.

When it slighty rises the next day, they, or namely, Doug, begins feel the joys and stresses of it. Not being able to take the possibility of losing their money, Carrie acquieses and sells the stock, only to find out, after the stock value rises again, that they could have made another 1,000 bucks, as they decide to invest the money again, but to hold onto it for a whole week; it really weighs on Doug as it rises and falls, as his stress is shown while he is on his job, driving, while in traffic!

When they then invest in Chunky stock and it rises and falls, he blames Carrie, saying "Chunky cost us money!" Arthur, fed up with hearing the two quarrel about the stock investing, says to them "It's Christmas Eve, and all you two can do is argue about a couple of nickels and dimes! Let me tell you something. The best Christmas I ever had was with your mother in our first house, the one in Flatbush. We were broke, we had no heat, no hot water, and a leaky roof. But we loved it. You know why?" when Carrie asks "Because you had each other.", he responds "Because we had vodka!"

Anyhow, in the end, Carrie and Doug decide to sell the stock for good and get out while they still ahead, as they have the Christmas bonus money, and a little profit from their investing.

Meanwhile, Arthur, after looking across the street at the Rinali's house, decorations , in his jealous attemt to try "to keep up with the Joneses". he sees that wants to decorate the house with more Christmas items.




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