Episode 9x3 - Moxie Moron - Doug as boss
Doug's day as the office supervisor at IPS turns out to be disastrous as it's too much for him to handle in the Season 9 episode "Moxie Moron".
King of Queens Episode
"Moxie Moron"
Season 9, Episode # 3
Episode # 197 in series
Originally Aired: December 13, 2006
Aired on: CBS-TV
Production #: 903
IMDB: Moxie Moron
Written by: Liz Astrof Aronauer & Owen Ellickson
Directed by: Rob Schiller
Guest stars: Mike Burton
Shannon Farrara
John Hemphill
Laura Silverman
Nikki Tyler-Flynn
Jeff Weidemann
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"Major Disturbance"

Moxie Moron was the 3rd episode of Season 9 of The King of Queens, also the 197th overall series episode. Co-written by Liz Astrof Aronauer and Owen Ellickson, the episode, which was directed by Rob Schiller, originally aired on CBS-TV on December 13, 2006.


Carrie gets upset because one of her fellow secretaries "steals her moxie" and gets a promotion, and everything at IPS falls apart after Doug temporarily takes over the office.

Plot summaryEdit

At work, O'Boyle calls Doug and Deacon into his office to explain he is checking himself into a rehab center and informs them that either one of them may take his position. Doug tells Deacon that he doesn't want the job, Deacon is pleased.

Meanwhile at Carrie's job, Dawn informs her and Lisa that Mr. Kaufman has requested that all the secretaries are present. Dawn tells that she's assuming they may be giving gifts for hard work on a recent project and mentions another place in which the assistants received new cars as gifts, leading all three of them to speculate this is the gift. Desiree arrives with soap gift baskets, which Lisa remarks may be from a hotel they're currently deconstructing. Carrie is angered and begins ranting. Mr. Kaufman arrives and Carrie pretends to like the gift.

Later at home, Doug tells Carrie about his passing on O'Boyle's position. Carrie understands saying "you are who you are, and I'm okay with it" and Doug is offended.

The following day at Carrie's job, Lisa, Carrie, and Dawn are angered to learn Mr. Kaufman has purchased a new car. Dawn complains about their gifts to Mr. Kaufman and says something Carrie had said previously while doing so. Mr. Kaufman is impressed and compliments her moxie.

Meanwhile, Doug shows up at work at explains to Deacon that he now wants the position but Deacon does not want to give it up so Doug attempts to have them both be in the position. When Deacon leaves to handle something, Danny comes in to ask for his route and Doug possibly gives him the wrong one.

Back at Carrie's job, Carrie gets jealous when Dawn is upgraded to a new office so she tries to stand up to Mr. Kaufman like Dawn had done but Mr. Kaufman is unimpressed.

Meanwhile, Deacon returns to find out Doug has messed up many things and gets angered after a fight and storms out. The next day, Doug tells Deacon he deserves the position, something suggested by Carrie the previous night. Deacon is reluctant in fear he might be held responsible for the mistakes Doug made. Doug tells Deacon he won't get fired because he's "a minority". This angers Deacon and he storms out again. Doug offers the position to Bobby he doesn't accept, Doug asks him to send in Danny and Bobby tells him he hasn't seen him since yesterday. The scene cuts to Danny floating in the water with packages and his truck surrounding him.

In the meantime, Carrie apologizes to Mr. Kaufman as he tells her that what she had said the previous day took moxie, but her apology rebuked that. Doug then goes to see O'Boyle during rehab to seek out advice and it is implied the stress of the job is part of O'Boyle's drinking problem.

Closing scene Edit

Doug returns home and shares the whiskey he had been drinking at his job with Carrie.


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