Marie Barone King of Queens

Marie Barone (played by Doris Roberts), in closing scene with Jerry Stiller (Arthur) appears in the episode "Rayny Day" (#1.19).

Marie Barone
is the sometimes overbearing, intrusive mother of Ray Barone in The King of Queens's sister series Everybody Loves Raymond. She made an appearance in an early episode of The King of Queens titled Rayny Day (Season 1, episode #19). The character Marie is played by veteran character actress Doris Roberts, also of NBC-TV's Remington Steele fame.

As the matriarch of the Barone family. Robert often refers to her as "Queen Marie". Even though her sons are in their forties, she still coddles them like little kids, but she has always favored the younger son Ray over Robert. An exceptional cook who always keeps a clean house, Marie often criticizes Ray's wife Debra for not keeping her own house clean and feeding her family properly and she dismisses anyone who doesn't live up to her standards. Even though she loves Frank, she constantly bickers with him and calls him a lazy, stubborn slob.

Marie has a habit of making someone feel guilty in order to get what she wants. Most of the time, the person that she makes feel guilty is Ray.