Lily Spooner
Florence Henderson (with Jerry Stiller) appeared as Lily, Arthur's ex-wife, in the episode "Dark Meet".
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Onetime wife Arthur who constantly bickered with him during their marriage
Family and Personal
Spouse(s): Arthur Spooner (divorced)
Related to: Carrie Heffernan (daughter in-law)
Sara Spooner (daughter in-law)
Character information
Episodes appeared in: episode titled "Dark Meet" in Season 3
Character played by: Florence Henderson
Lily Spooner is Arthur's ex-wife (his second, after first wife, Carrie's mother Sophia, died), who appears in the third season episode "Dark Meet" (Season 3, Episode #8, 2000) and is played by actress/singer Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady on hit 1969-74 ABC TV series The Brady Bunch. In the episode "Dark Meet", in the Thanksgiving dinner scene, which Doug first visits Carrie's home to meet Arthur for the first time, Lily and Arthur get into an argument; it was mentioned that Arthur met his second wife Lilly at a bus stop. Arthur said "Why don't you go back to the corner where I found you?!", and Lilly replied "I was waiting for the bus!".