Kirby Palmer
Omari Lyles as Kirby Palmer in 2004
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Born: 1996
Housewife/Office Assistant
Godson of Doug and Carrie Heffernan and older son of Deacon and Kelly Palmer
Family and Personal
Related to: Deacon Palmer (father)
Kelly Palmer (mother)
Major Palmer (brother)
Character information
Appeared on: The King of Queens
Episodes appeared in: 9 in total from Seasons 2-6
Character played by: Philip Daniel Bolden/Marshaun Daniel/Omari Lyles

Kirby Palmer is the eldest and the first child born to Deacon Palmer (Victor Williams) and Kelly Palmer (Merrin Dungey) and is the older brother of Major Palmer. Kirby was played by child actors Philip Daniel Bolden, Marshaun Daniel and Omari Lyles. Kirby has a tendency to like stereotypically girlish things, such as wearing a Powerpuff Girl costume for Halloween, causing Deacon to wonder if Kirby might possibly be homosexual. After separating and going partially through divorce proceedings midway through the series, Kirby's parents reconcile and are back together by the series finale.

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