Jenny, Carrie's co-worker
Constance Zimmer as Jenny
Constance Zimmer as Jenny, Spence's new beau, in "Fixer Upper" in Season 1.
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Paralegel in law office with Carrie
Agrees to go on blind date with Spence, arranged by Carrie
Breaks up with him after dating a month when Doug and Richie gives him bad advice, in trying to get him to get her to have sex with him; reconciles with him after Carrie gets Doug to call her and explain Spence's behavior was all his fault
Family and Personal
Character information
Appeared on: The King of Queens
Episodes appeared in: "Fixer Upper" (Season 1)
Character played by: Constance Zimmer

Jenny, a co-worker of Carrie's, appears in the Season 1 episode of The King of Queens titled "Fixer Upper" (episode #12). The part of Jenny is played in the episode by Constance Zimmer.

About Jenny and SpenceEdit

When Doug and Carrie wind up arranging a backyard BBW date in their own home between Jenny, who works at the law office with Carrie, and Spence, whom they observed sitting alone and lonely looking while they were at the local movie theatre, with Arthur cooks the burgers; Spence, after Carrie says to Jenny, in trying to break the ice, and help the two become better accquainted, "Did I tell you that Spence sells tokens on the subway?" When Jenny responds "That sounds interesting!", Spence almost ruins it by telling the story about a guy who had fallen on the tracks, as he describes "and the third rail fried him and then the F train came along and sliced him clean in half. That's no way to start your day, huh?" Shortly thereafter he accidentally eats peanuts, although he is allergic to them, and becomes violently sick. Despite this fiasco, Jenny is still smitten with him as he "looks kinda cute when he's not convulsing".