Jeffrey (Police officer)
Daniel Roebuck as Jeffrey
Jeffrey, as played by Daniel Roebuck
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
NYPD Traffic Cop
Becomes smitten with Carrie after he gives her a traffic ticket; Doug persuades Carrie to pull a rouse that she's single and to go out on a date with him to avoid going to traffic court and paying a fine
Family and Personal
Character information
Appeared on: The King of Queens
Episodes appeared in: "Court Date" in Season 1
Character played by: Daniel Roebuck

Jeffrey, a NYPD traffic cop, appears in the Season 1 episode of The King of Queens titled "Court Date". The part of Jeffrey the cop is played in the episode by Daniel Roebuck.

About Jeffrey and Carrie's traffic ticketEdit

When Jeffrey first spots Carrie, who was driving with Arthur in the car with her, he cites her for cutting off a school bus full of 5th graders, and, although he tickets her for "wanton disregard for public safety", he still calls her, not knowing that she's married (he didn't see her wedding ring when he stopped her 2 days earlier) he took up the nerve to call and ask her out for a date; Carrie, who's surprised at his calling her at home, distrusts his motive, thinking that he may have found out that she works in a law firm and wants to pick her brain, to see what she knows about the law.

Doug, who's upset at Carrie for getting what is her 4th traffic ticket in a year, sees it as an opportunity to get out of a possible court date, and the fine, which amounts to $350.

Releuctantly, Carrie agrees to pull a rouse on poor Jeffrey and oblige him, as she goes out on a dinner date with him; When he suspects that she only agreed to go out with him only to get out of paying the ticket, she laughs it off, saying "No, I didn't just say yes to get out of the ticket! But, hey, my insurance rates are gonna double, so if you're offering, buddy!"

When he tries to kiss her, she abruptly stops him, and shakes his hand in thanking him for "a wonderful date" instead!

Anyhow, the rouse is over, after Doug who persuades Carrie to call him while he's on duty to arrange another date, and Arthur calls angry, not knowing that Jeffrey doesn't know Carrie's a married woman, ranting, "Is it that guy? That home wrecker? Leave her alone, bub! She's married!"

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