Holly Shumpert King of Queens

Nicole Sullivan appeared on "The King of Queens" as Holly from 2001-2005.

Holly Shumpert
is a cheerful, yet insecure dog-walker hired by Doug and Carrie to look after Arthur. She is often seen arriving at the Heffernan house to pick up Arthur, but is also a family friend of the Heffernans. She is often viewed by others as a bit strange because of her habits and some of the men she dates (not to mention her habit of over-drinking, to which she openly confesses). In one episode, Holly asks Carrie (referring to her inability to find a boyfriend), "What am I doing wrong? I give them money, I let them stay at my house." Overall, however, Holly is a gentle soul, especially when she puts up with Arthur's antics. Holly was written out of the series at the end of season eight, but she later returned one last time for the series finale. Holly is played by actress/comedian Nicole Sullivan, who, before her stint on the King of Queens, was a cast member on the Saturday late night Fox television sketch comedy series MadTV.