The Heffernan children are the children of Doug Heffernan and Carrie Heffernan. They are seen for the first (and only) time in the series finale, China Syndrome. Doug and Carrie have two children.

Ming-May Edit

Ming May Heffernan is the daughter that Doug and Carrie adopt from China. They both try to go to China separately to claim Ming-May, because they were fighting, but reconcile once there.

Ming-May is the older of the two Heffernan children.

Second Heffernan Child Edit

While in China, Carrie discovers she is pregnant. The second baby is seen crying in Carrie's arms one year later, as Doug is seen taking care of Ming May. Then Arthur comes in, announcing that his marriage to Veronica Olchin didn't work out.

  • The name of their second child is never revealed.
  • The gender of the child is not stated.

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