Arthur gives waitress Gloria advice
Arthur giving romantic advice to Gloria in "Four Play" in Season 8.
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Waitress at the Java Hut / Video store clerk
Gets fired from the Java Hut after listening to bad advice from Arthur, who suggests that she ask for a raise, this after taking advice from him on an old flame she wanted to get back with
Family and Personal
Character information
Appeared on: The King of Queens
Episodes appeared in: 3 in Seasons 8 and 9
Character played by: Amy Stiller

Gloria, is a recurring character who appears in three episode of The King of Queens, in the episodes "Fresh Brood" and "Four Play" in Season 8 and "Mild Bunch" in Season 9. The part of Gloria is played in the episodes by Amy Stiller, who also appears in the episode "S'Ain't Valentine's" (Season 1, episode #16, 1999) as Allison Finnegan, daughter of Mary Finnegan, who was played by her real life mother Anne Meara.

About Gloria's encounters with ArthurEdit

In "Four Play" Gloria, who was a waitress as the Java Hut restaurant/cafe, encounters Arthur, who overhears her talk about a boyfriend she was thinking of approaching to rekindle their relationship; when she heeds his advice and gets back together with him, she approaches him again, but this time, Arthur, after listening to the fry cook Hugo, gives her the exact opposite advice she asked for in asking for a raise, which caused her to be fired.

Gloria confronts Arthur at Video Store

Gloria encounters Arthur, whose advice on asking for a raise got her fired from her previous job, at the video store where she now works in "Mild Bunch" in Season 9.

Later in "Mild Bunch", she again encounters him at the nearby video store where she now works, and remembers him as "the old man that got (me) fired", as she says that it took 3 months to find work and she had to go on welfare, as Arthur callously says "Well, you've made quite the comeback!" as he looks for the videotape of In Her Shoes.

Gloria and Arthur at video store again

Arthur, looking for a movie he couldn't find earlier, pleads with Gloria to allow him in the store to select it as the store was closing.

When he returns to the video store later that evening, as Gloria was closing up, he pleads with her to allow him to select the In Her Shoes video, as she is taken in by his song and dance about not having been there for his daughter, and that it would be nice to be able to sit down and watch the In her shoes video with her. When she acquieses and allows him to select the video, the alarm which she forgot about, goes off as a nearby beat cop arrives as she laments "The alarm...and the morning crew has the code -- I'm so fired!" as Arthur callously leaves saying "Be sure and let me know where you wind up!"