The King of Queens Peter Boyle

Frank Barone, played by late veteran actor Peter Boyle, appears in the episode titled "Road Rayge" (#1.9)

Frank Barone
, played by late veteran actor Peter Boyle on the CBS-TV sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond made a cameo appearance on its sister series, The King of Queens in the episode titled "Road Rayge'" in season One (episode #9). Frank is the husband of Marie, the father of sportswriter Ray and NYPD policeman Robert Barone, and father-in-law to Ray's wife Debra.

Frank is a war veteran. He served in the US Army in the Korean War, a fact that he constantly refers to throughout the series, recalling times of survival, which often explain his open displays of masculinity and his socially-conservative values, particularly towards gays, lesbians, hippies, Koreans, and Japanese. He often mutters to himself: "Japanese crap," and refuses any form of oriental cuisine. He refuses to accept or acknowledge anything not within the social norm, to which Marie quotes: "Frank lives in blissful ignorance."

Frank is famous for his output of hilarious one-liners. His two primary catchphrases that were heard through all nine seasons were: "Holy crap" and "Geezaloo."

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