Fat City
To display his fitness, Doug lifts Carrie up in "Fat City" in Season 1.
King of Queens Episode
"Fat City"
Season 1, Episode # 2
Episode # 2 in series
Originally Aired: September 28, 1998
Aired on: CBS-TV
Production #: 103
IMDB: Fat City
Written by: Josh Goldsmith
Cathy Yuspa
Directed by: Robert Berlinger
Guest stars: None
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Fat City is the second episode of the Season 1 of The King of Queens. Co-written by Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa, the episode, which was directed by Robert Berlingr, originally aired on CBS-TV on September 28, 1998.


When Arthur shows Doug a recent photo of Carrie's mother, Doug notices how Carrie's mother was skinny but then grow bigger than even Doug. Doug is afraid that Carrie is going to grow fat as well so he decides to tell her that she could lose weight. Deacon tells Doug not to do it because Carrie will get angry but Doug doesn't think she will. When Doug tells her she goes on a diet and to make her feel better Doug goes on one too.

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Doug sees a picture of Carrie's mother in which she looks really fat. Doug tells Arthur he never knew she was fat and Arthur tells him she wasn't always like that. But at one point, well, she just started expanding rapidly. Now Doug is afraid Carrie will also get fat and he wants her to lose weight by going on a diet. Deacon advises against this because it'll get him into serious trouble with Carrie, but Doug thinks it won't be as bad as that and decides to try and talk Carrie into going on a diet.


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