The New Car-0

This is The Alleged Car, bought for Doug and Carrie by Arthur as a make-up gesture following a heated row about peanut butter. It is described as a typical product of Luxemburg and described by Carrie as " a soda can on wheels". The car is what Europeans would describe as "compact" and struggles to make sixty. The Douchenburger car appears in the episode Noel Cowards.

Trivia: Edit

British viewers would recognise it instantly as a Mini Cooper, built in Britain between 1960 and the late 1990's. It even has its steering position in the intuitively correct place - for a country with left-hand roads. (Doug is clearly not at home with the driver's position being in the wrong place for the USA).

Its being redesignated as from Luxembourg - a tiny nation with no native car-manufacturing facilities which in reality imports its cars - is strange. Besides, Luxembourg drives on the right, like the USA, and the driver's position would then be on the appropriate side for the USA.

As a Mini might count as a classic car even in the USA, it's odd that they haven't realised its resale value to a collector might be quite high...