Dorothy Sacksky
Carrie consoles Dorothy Sacksky
Dorothy claims that Tim is cheating, as she gets consoled by.
Vital statistics
Timeshare salesperson/Marketing Department Employee (in Season 1) and

Water Filter Salesman (in Season 2)

Annoying neighbor of Doug and Carrie who once tried to recruit Doug to sell timeshares
Resides next door to the Heffernans, 3119 Aberdeen St, Rego Park, Queens
Family and Personal
Spouse(s): Tim Sacksky
Domestic partner(s): Richie Iannucci (one-time adulterous encounter)
Related to: 3 children
Character information
Appeared on: The King of Queens
Episodes appeared in: 4 episodes Seasons 1-3
Character played by: Dee Dee Rescher

Dorothy Sacksky is one of the minor supporting characters on The King of Queens. She is one of the Heffernans crazy neighboors from Seasons 1-3. The role of Dorothy is played by comedienne/actress Dee Dee Rescher.

About DorothyEdit

Dorothy's husband Tim, who works in marketing then in a later episode as a water purifier salesman. In their first appearance in "Time Share" in Season 1, Dorothy is privy to husband Tim's attempts to recruit Doug to sell time shares and sell them as well as she tells Carrie a lie that she caught Tim cheating, after she and Tim claim to be separated, as Dorothy promises to allow Carrie and Doug to be able to use a beach house which she claims that she and Tim own. Later, after meeting Richie, she winds up sleeping wih him. In "Swim Neighbors" in Season 3, Dorothy and Tim construct a pool, that further disrupts Doug and Carrie's privacy.