Desmond Roberts

Desmond Roberts appeared in four episodes as Major Palmer, Deacon and Kelly's oldest son in 2003 before at times replacing older brother Damani Roberts.

Teen actor Desmond Roberts (born October 25, 1998) was the second actor to appear as Major Palmer, the oldest of two sons of Deacon and Kelly on The King of Queens. Damani first TV acting credit was in an episode of ABC-TV's The Big House opposite comedian Kevin Hart, which only lasted for six episodes in 2004. Since then, Desmond has made numerous guest appearances on shows such as CBS-TV's Without A Trace, FOX's Til' Death, NBC-TV's Knight Rider TV series reboot in 2008. Desmond is the younger brother of fellow child actor Damani Roberts, who alternated with him in the part of Major Palmer on The King of Queens.

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