Denise Battaglia
Rachel Dratch as Denise Battaglia
Rachel Dratch as Denise
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Waitress turned housewife
Former girlfriend of Spence, who, along with Doug, Danny and Deacon, try to go to Memphis to stop her from marrying her fiancee, as she then ditches he and the fiancee for another guy
Family and Personal
Domestic partner(s): Spence Olchin, 2002-2003
Character information
Appeared on: King of Queens
Episodes appeared in: 6 from Seasons 5 and 6

Denise Ruth Battaglia, the on-off girlfriend of Spence, who worked in a bowling alley, first appears in the episode titled "Mammary Lane" (Season 5, Episode #5) where Doug flirts with her out of sympathy but his advances only creep Denise out. Spence and Denise eventually break up, with Denise moving to Tennessee with a new beau. In the episode "Alter Ego" (Season 6, Episode #22) Doug, Deacon, Danny and Spence head for Memphis so Spence can tell Denise, who's about to get married to her new beau, that he still loves her and that they belong together; she then shockingly jilts both Spence and her beau for another old boyfriend who cries out he loves her!!! Comedienne/actress Rachel Dratch of NBC-TV's Saturday Night Live fame makes six appearances as Denise, the final being the "Alter Ego" episode in Season 6.