Danny Heffernan
Danny Heffernan


Daniel Heffernan


Long Island, New York, U.S.

Present job/occupation

Delivery loader, then driver and parcel inventory man


IPS Packaging, formerly owned pizza business




Spence Olchin


Doug Heffernan (cousin)
Stephanie Heffernan (cousin)
Joe Heffernan (uncle)
Janet Heffernan (aunt in-law)
Stu Heffernan (father)
Carrie Heffernan (cousin in-law)

Played by

Gary Valentine, from Seasons 1-9, 1999-07

Episodes appeared in:

103 in series, Seasons 1-9


Spence Olchin

Danny Heffernan is Doug's cousin and Spence Olchin's roommate. In his start in the series, he owned a pizza shop and was married. But, early in the series the shop burned down, and his wife left him. Despite not wanting to, Doug got Danny a job at IPS as a loader, at the urging of Stu Heffernan, Danny's father. Over the series, Danny moved up to a driver at IPS. Danny has a bug love for music, seen in many episodes. Early in the series, Doug shows animosity toward Danny, but over the series they become friends. Danny was originally a recurring character, but when Richie Iannucci was written out of the series at the departure of Larry Romano, he became a main character. He is portrayed by comedian Gary Valentine, Kevin James's (Doug) real life brother.


Early in the series, Danny had a gambling addiction, but Arthur was able to rid of that. He is shown multiple times to have somewhat of a short fuse, with a tendency to be nitpicky, getting mad at some of the simplest things. When Danny and Spence move in together, they fight like they were married, and at one point legally marry in Vermont to get a plasma TV. Throughout the series, Danny and Spence are constantly asked if they are gay, but in the end, they still claim not to be.