Carrie, deperessed over turning 30, starting to drown out her sorrows in drink as her birthday celebration goes bad in "Crappy Birthday" in Season 1.
King of Queens Episode
"Crappy Birthday"
Season 1, Episode # 15
Episode # 15 in series
Originally Aired: February 1, 1999
Aired on: CBS-TV
Production #: 112
IMDB: Crappy Birthday
Written by: Story by: Kevin James, Gary Valentine & Rock Reuben
Teleplay by: David Bickel
Directed by: Mark Cendrowski
Guest stars: William Newman
Esther Scott
Episode chronology
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"Dog Days"
"S'Ain't Valentine's"

Crappy Birthday is the 15th episode of The King of Queens, that aired during Season 1. Co-written as a teleplay by David Bickel from an original story co-penned by cast members Gary Valentine, and Kevin James and Rock Reuben, the episode, which was directed by David Bickel, originally aired on CBS-TV on February 1, 1999.


Doug subscribes for a sports game on television, not realizing it falls on the same night as Carrie's birthday. Luckily for Doug, Carrie is depressed about her new age, so Doug makes up a lie about having plans so he can sound like he remembered. Doug invites Deacon and Kelly, but in bad timing when Deacon's mother comes to visit. During the course of the celebration several things go wrong such as Doug forgetting a card and having dinner outside in the cold.

Plot summaryEdit

Carrie begins to freak out as if her life is going downhill, in feeling that her youth is over as she realizes that she's about to turn 30. Meanwhile, Doug finds out that he can't go to watch the big TV wrestling game, because it happens to fall on Carrie's birthday. Feeling depressed about her age, Carrie decides she doesn't to go out, and Doug helps her decide this. However, when Doug goes to the bathroom, he argues with himself in the mirror, and feeling guilty, Doug tells her how beautiful she is, and that they are going out. Now, Doug has only two days to get a limo, reservations, and another couple that he promised!

Guest starsEdit