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Arthur Spooner
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Irascible sort who moves into Doug and daughter Carrie's basement after he burned his own house down
Family and Personal
Spouse(s): Sophia Spooner
Lily Spooner
Tessie Spooner
Veronica Olchin
Related to: Seamus Spooner (father)
Un-named mother
Carrie Heffernan (daughter)
Sara Spooner (daughter)
Doug Heffernan (son-in-law)
Spence Olchin (stepson)
Character information
Character played by: Jerry Stiller
Erik Per Sullivan (child)

Arthur Eugene Spooner is the tritagonist and one of the 3 central characters on The King of Queens. He is Carrie's father and he moved into their house in the basement after he burned his own house down by cooking on his old hotplate in the Pilot. This causes many problems for Doug throughout the series. Arthur has had multiple wives and dozens of jobs. In the beginning of the series, he had another daughter, Sarah Spooner, who also lived with the Heffernan's but in the middle of the first season, she was written out of the series. In later episodes, Sarah is never mentioned and it has been said that Carrie is an only child. He is portrayed by Jerry Stiller, comedian-actor Ben Stiller's father.


Erik Per Sullivan as Young Arthur

Career Edit

Arthur often states that he had close to 200 jobs in his lifetime.

  • Before KoQ:
    • "In and out of" marketing for almost 8 months (1950s)
    • Production assistant on 'Sesame Street' (Early to mid-March 1976)
    • Actor
  • Season 1:
    • Ribbon salesman
    • Monogramed bowling balls (replaced by machine)
    • Pretzel shop in mall (early in the series)
  • Season 9:
    • Self-employed: Renting himself and other seniors out to accompany people who want to use the carpool lane
    • Employee in a publishing company (under the fake name 'Clark Gable', stole the job from Spence)
    • Entertainment director at the Senior Center (probably unpaid)

Trivia Edit

  • Arthur is a very good ping-pong player.
  • Arthur always cheats at board games,and this would rub off on Carrie.
  • Carrie's original name was Simone, but he lost the name in a poker game with Uncle Chester.
  • Arthur used to be addicted to gambling and nasal spray.
  • Arthur was born in 1925 and served in the U.S. Army during World War II.
  • Arthur likes Doug better as a son than Carrie.  Even though when they first met, they got off the wrong foot.  But they became family.  Back then they were total strangers, I guess when Arthur lived with Doug and Carrie, they were family. 
  • Doug and Arthur relationship are like sometimes father and son.  But they were kind of like brothers.  Doug is the big brother and Arthur is the little brother.  They argue and fight sometimes, they always made up and become friends. 
  • Arthur usually fits in Doug's friends Deacon, Spence and Danny. 
  • People do love his war stories in World War II
  • Holly is the daughter that Arthur always wanted, no offense to Carrie.
  • Carrie and Arthur usually fight all the time and disagree.  Carrie wanted him to stay with him, even though Doug was reluctant at first.  But he is glad Arthur stayed with him at time. 
  • Arthur named her daughter Simone, before Arthur lost her name in the poker game and named her Carrie. 
  • Arthur never complained about living in the basement sometimes, but he does sometimes.  He usually flirts with rich ladies sometimes.  But I think he liked where he lived. Because Doug and Carrie need him. 
  • Doug and Arthur's relationship are similar to Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  Doug is Charlie Brown and Arthur is Snoopy.  Also their relationship is similar to Jon Arbuckle and Garfield.  Doug is Jon Arbuckle except he eats a lot and Arthur is Garfield. 

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