Mary's daughter Allison meets Arthur

Allison (left), who arrived to pick up mom Mary from the senior citizens center dance, gets to meet Arthur.

Allison Finnegan appears in the Season 1 episode of The King of Queens titled "S'Ain't Valentine's". The part of Allison is played in the episode by comedic acterss Amy Stiller, the real-life daughter of Jerry Stiller, who plays Arthur Spooner on the series and in the epiosde, and Anne Meara, who plays the part of Mary Finnegan, Allison's mother, in the episode.

About AllisonEdit

Arthur meets a Mary Finnegan at the senior center dance. They both claim to be married, and plan to have an affair; while they are dancing, just as they decide go back to her place, Arthur meets her daughter, who had arrived to pick her mom up from the dance, and who let's the cat out of the bag, as she asks her mother "Ma! So, Ma, you met a fella after all, huh?"