Main CastEdit

  • Kevin James - plays the part of Doug Heffernan, IPS packaging delivery driver
  • Leah Remini - appears as Carrie Heffernan, Doug's wife who works as a paralegal
  • Jerry Stiller - appears on the series as Arthur Spooner, Carrie's father

Victor Williams - appears as Deacon Palmer, best friend of Doug who also works at IPS as a delivery driver; they often go on delivery runs together

  • Patton Oswalt - plays the part of Spence Olchin, a somewhat goofy friend of Doug and Deacon who at first, lived with his mother, then later moves in with Danny, Doug's cousin

Primary supporting charactersEdit

  • Larry Romano - appears as Richie Ianucci, a firefighter friend of the fellas who appears in Seasons 1-3
  • Lisa Rieffel - appears as Carrie's sister, Sara Spooner in the first six episodes before being inexplicably ignored by writers in Season 1
  • Merrin Dungey - appears as Kelly Palmer, Deacon's wife on the series
  • Gary Valentine - appears as Danny Heffernan, Doug's cousin
  • Nicole Sullivan - plays Holly Shumpert, a friend of Doug and Carrie, a professional dog watcher, who also looks after Arthur at times and the Palmer's sons
  • Lou Ferrigno - co-star of the 1978-82 series The Incredible Hulk with BIll Bixby, appears as himself as he and wife Carla move next to the Heffernans in Season 3
  • Carla Ferrigno - along with husband Lou, plays herself on the series
  • Rachel Dratch - appears as Denise Battaglia, Spence Olchin's on/off again girlfriend
  • Jenny O'Hara - appears as Janet Heffernan, Doug's mother, talented poker player
  • Dakin Matthews - plays Joe Heffernan Doug's irasible, opinionated father, electric train enthusiast
  • Ricki Lake - appears as Stephanie Heffernan, Doug's sister for several episodes in Season 3
  • Marshaun Daniel - appears as Kirby Palmer, Deacon and Kelly's older son in Seasons 2-4 (2000–2002)